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Who Pays What ?

A Guide to Closing Costs in California.

What to Expect at the Escrow Closing.

As a realtor in California, it's crucial to understand the breakdown of closing costs for your clients. Below is a comprehensive overview of various charges and fees involved in closing a real estate transaction in different counties across the state.

Click HERE to download our comprehensive guide to closing costs in California to gain valuable insights into the expenses involved in your real estate transaction.

2024 California Laws Affecting Real Estate

A brief summary of some recently passed laws covering topics such as ADUs being sold as condominiums, listing agreements, disclosures, remote online notarization, and more.

Below are summaries of new state laws that may affect real estate licensees and applicants.
Unless otherwise noted, the laws take effect January 1, 2024.

• AB-1345: Residential Exclusive Listing Agreements Act. This law prohibits 1) exclusive listing agreements on residential 1 to 4 properties lasting longer than 24 months from the date the agreement was made; 2) renewing an exclusive listing agreement on the above-mentioned type for longer than 12 months from the date the renewal was made; 3) automatic extensions on of exclusive listings on any type of residential property and 4) recording or filing an exclusive listing agreement for residential property of any duration. The 24-month prohibition applies to exclusive listings on residential one to four properties, condos, and manufactured homes. Other prohibitions will apply to exclusive listings on any type of residential property even where the property is improved with more than four units. It also deems any licensed real estate professional who violates these prohibitions as having violated that person’s licensing laws.

Source: California Legislative Information website,


Estate planners often recommend “Living Trusts” as a viable option when contemplating the manner in which to hold title to real property. When a property is held in a Living Trust, title companies have particular requirements to facilitate the transaction. While not comprehensive, following are answers to many commonly asked questions. If you have questions that are not answered below, your title company representative may be able to assist you, however, one may wish to seek legal counsel.

How to Find the Right Mortgage Lender

Choosing the right lender is an important step on your homebuying journey. Not only will it impact your costs as a borrower but also your overall experience when buying a home.

Mortgage lenders can vary quite a bit. Every company offers different interest rates and loan programs, and fees and customer service can be widely different as well.

How do you find the right lender for your home purchase? Here are the steps you should take.

Understand what loan type you need. There are many kinds of home loans, including FHA, conventional, jumbo and more. Each one has different requirements for borrowers. Study up on loan programs to determine which ones might work for you. Doing this can help you pinpoint a lender who offers what you’re searching for.

Ask for referrals. Ask your friends, family and colleagues for lenders they may have used when buying a home. We can also discuss local lending experts as you get started on your home search. Then, you can continue your research about available loan programs, rates and other details.

Check out online reviews. Look up customer reviews of the lenders you’re considering on multiple platforms. You can also look at the NMLS database to see if there are any legal or licensing issues with the lender.

Get preapproved and compare offers. Once you’ve narrowed your pool of potential lenders, apply for preapproval. Then, you’ll get a loan estimate detailing the terms and costs of the mortgage each company is offering you, which you can use to compare your options.

If you have questions about homebuying or need help finding a great mortgage lender to work with, get in touch today.

Professional Resources

Meet the team of professionals I work with to achieve all of my clients real estate goals.   I've assembled this list based on frequent requests for recommendations from clients and friends for excellent local professionals. I hope this list can serve as a resource as you evaluate different professionals. As always, I recommend checking references and doing due diligence first.

If you have questions about any of the professionals or businesses below about who might be most appropriate for your personal situation, or comments in general, please contact us.


Ben Lesser, Wintter & Associates, CPA, (925) 933-2676

Bryan Blythe, Richard T. Dwyer & Company, CPA, (650) 342-7163

Marc Leardini, Young Craig LLP, CPA, (650) 209-1814


Adam Bittle, Architecture Allure, (650) 208-1204

Nancy Scheinholtz, Scheinholtz Associates, 650-558-0700

Geoff Gibson, Winder Gibson Architects, (415) 318-8634

Deborah Vieira, Deborah Vieira Design, (650) 504-0992

Michael Tauber, Michael Tauber Architecture, (415) 706-6576, 


Brock Riddle, (650) 348-8409

Nancy Dierx, (650) 366-6585,

Attorney (Estate Planning)

Nancy Rossi, Nancy Rossi Law, (650) 931-2507

Alan D. Khalfin, Attorney, Vaksman Khalfin, PC, (650) 450-4945

Mark Rodiles, Law Office of Mark Rodiles-Peterson, 650-516-7002,

Attorney (Real Estate)

Charlie Bronitsky, Esq. (650) 327-2900 ext: 16

David Finkelstein, DGF Law, (650) 353-7151

Cary Kletter, Kletter Law, (415) 434-3400

April S. Glatt, Esq., Chauvel & Glatt, LLP (650) 573-9500 ext: 2002

TJ Walsh, Real Estate, HOA Specialist, Chauvel & Glatt, LLP (650) 573-9500

Charles H. Rible, Esq., (650) 573-0307

Carpet Cleaning

Bakers Floor & Surface, (650) 652-9440

Carpet Cleaning

David Nagle, Inspector Flue Seau, (650) 593-3814F


Brian Younger, General Contractor, (650) 430-0594,

Mike Cacci, Cacci Construction, (650) 508-0778

David Tapia, Tapia Construction, (650) 732-0327; speak to Gabriele Tapia

Tony Ward, Tony Ward Construction, Inc., (415) 596-1888

Rich Mathers, Rich Mathers Construction, Inc., (650) 793-0715

Jim Lindstrom, JP Lindstrom Inc, (650) 343-9562,


Mari Ines Woodsome, M.A. Woodsome Design (415) 637-3270

Eliza Edelman, Edelman Interiors (415-578-8782


Eric Cox, Kembcon Engineering, (650) 689-5218; structural and civil engineer

Adam Klein, BKG, ‭(650) 489-9224‬

Financial Advisor

Michael Ma, Parallel Advisors, (415) 728-9186

Floors (hardwood install and refinishing)

Dennis Gaspar, DG Floors, 650-400-3340

Simon Nguyen, Golden Hardwood Floor, (415) 751-5415


Dean Lipsitz, Private Professional Fiduciary, (510)798-520,

Foreign Investment Real Property Tax Act

Grout Cleaning and Polishing

Michael Johnson, Grout Works Bay Area, (925)849-7300

Home Security

Jan Antonelli, ADT, (650) 670-7332;

Home Cleaning

Junk Hauler

Think Pink & Green, Steve and Dominic Bianchini, (415) 320-4987,

Alberto Galvao, Junk It Co & Marina’s House Cleaning And Hauling, (650) 274-5332

Marisol Gonzales, Orchids Maid, (650) 773-6239

Maria Ruvalcaba, 209-814-2831


Skip - A "Honey Do" List Handyman, 650-595-4333,

Home Inspections

Gale Miyahara, Home Analysis Service, (650) 291-1907

Thomas Perez, Vista Inspection Services, 415-682-4020

Insurance (homeowners, auto, etc)

Derry Wisnom, MacCorkle Insurance Services, 650-227-7214,

Gino Benedetti, VP, Calender-Robinson Co., Inc. 415-978-3823,

Landscape Architect

Landscape Reflections, Stephanie O'Rourke,

Kirsten Rudger Landscape Design, Kirsten Rudger, (858) 449-7101


Antonio Gonzalez Landscaping, (650) 245-9750

Loan Officer

Jeff Spoelstra

Loan Officer | NMLS #1657141

155 East Main Avenue Suite 170, Morgan Hill CA 95037

O: (408) 825-0222 | M: (408) 838-5820


San Mateo Lockworks, (650) 344-4905

Pop-A-Lock, (415) 668-5625


Cheryl Pierce, Moldbusters, (415) 731-6653

Art Bagirov, Real Estate Inspection Group, (408) 398-5550


Nolan Painting Company, Michael Nolan, (650) 389-9327

Alfie Holmes, Alfie Holmes Painting & Faux Finishing, (650) 921-6473

Ron Huff Painting, (831) 331-8278


Franz Termite Control, (650) 493-0445

JK Control, ‭(415) 468-2002‬

Ecotech Pest Elimination, Jonathan Giorgi/Joshua, (650) 455 8202

Other local options: Bay Area Termite, Premier, A&R, Matt Outman Termite


Todd Lindstrom, Lindstrom Plumbing, (650) 343-4542

Caccia Plumbing, (650) 342-5363

Pool Service

Shawn Kirby, Kirby's Pools, (650) 921-8288,

Professional Organizer

Sheri Lynn, Going, Going, Gone...The Art of Organizing & Managing Moves, 650-455-8449,

Working Behind The Scenes, Babs Harband (650) 579-3929,

Rat Removal/Remediation

Attic Crew, (877) 961-3358,

Prop 19taxbreak

Prop 19 allows eligible homeowners to transfer the taxable value of their primary residence to a replacement primary residence anywhere in California, regardless of location or value, as long as the replacement residence is purchased or newly constructed within two years of the sale of the original primary residence. Homeowners can save big on their annual property tax bills, whether they move to a replacement home that is the same price, more expensive, or less expensive than their original home.


For a referral to an agent around the Bay Area, or throughout the country, we can help you identify, interview, and select an agent who will assist you.


Carlos Rodriguez, Mr. Roofing, (650) 872-3232

Roof Doctors, 800-913-1180,,


Greg Ippolito, PLS, Foresight Land Surveying, (415) 735-6180

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